Activated Carbon

Content: 50% +/- 5% by dry weight

Virgin coal or coconut shell based, per project requirements

Iodine Number: 1000 +/-100

Mesh Size:

Coal-based: 90% less than #2oo U.S. Standard Mesh

Coconut Shell-Based: 80 x 325 U.S. Standard Mesh

Other Materials

Clay binders, starch binders, and sand for weighting comprise 50% +/- 5% of the pellet dry formula.  The types and ratios can be altered to meet project specifications of pellet breakdown time in water from days to months.

Final Pellets

Moisture Content: 5% - 10%

Dry Bulk Density: 0.7 kg/L; 45 lbs./cubic ft.

Wet Particle Density: 1.7 kg/L

Standard Dimensions:

Length: 1 cm

Diameter 5 mm

Can be customized to meet project requirements